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June 9, 2015

Dear Owner & Staff of Stadel Motors, Inc.,

Thank you for offering to the community free car seat checks performed by a certified car seat technician.  I recently came in to your dealership for this type of check and was greatly impressed with Mr. John Holtzapple.  As you surely must know already, John is an INCREDIBLE asset to your dealership.  I was amazed that he spent TWO HOURS with me and filled every moment of those two hours with valuable information and hands on instruction.  I cannot imagine a more thorough person on the topic of car seats than John.  He was a wealth of knowledge and opened my eyes to many things that I did not know before.  He was efficient with his time, yet he did not rush me.  He was deliberate, careful, and very attentive to detail.  He was diligent in making sure I had full understanding of his teaching.  And, as a result of his care, he caught many installation mistakes and user errors in both of our children's car seats. 

Both my husband and I are well educated with master's degrees, and yet we are humbled by and grateful for John's discoveries of our mistakes.  Clearly, proper car seat installation and use is not always intuitive, making car seat checks like this essential to our community and critical to the safety of our children.

If I could have paid him $100 for his time, I would have.  But, John explained that Stadel Motors has hired him to perform these checks for free of cost. 

All I could do in response was to hug him and thank him for the lives he is saving every day!

When John spoke about his belief in the safety of Volvo vehicles, I could tell that he was sincere.  Caring about people's safety seems to be one of John's defining characteristics.  As a result of this very good experience with John, my husband and I will definitely consider a Volvo from your dealership when we purchase our next car.  Please feel free to post this acclamation on your bulletin board for your customers to see!  Thank you again.


Lisa G.

May 26, 2013

Outstanding service. We are very happy. It was worth the 2 hr trip from our hometown. Thank You!!!
Michael C.

May 15, 2013,

During my last visit to the parts office I was assisted by one of the parts advisors who was very helpful and personable in assisting me getting the right replacement parts.  I figured you should hear from a customer that I had a good experience.

Donald W.

Feb 19, 2013

Rob; Sorry for delay in answer -
Your service to me, for 12 years has been outstanding. And the full auto detail you have just given us is even greater. When I took the car home and had my wife look it over, she thought I had bought a new car.  I have been buying cars for  over 55 years and have never received as much servive as you have done.
I worked in Sweden for 5 years and was familiar with them, and I am satisfied  with your outstanding service and friendship. This applys to your staff as well.

Dudley G.

Feb 2013

Rob:  We just had two Volvos serviced within the last two weeks.  We greatly appreciate the thorough detailed service and recommendations of repairs that should be done to keep the cars in top-notch condition.  The staff is most gracious and courteous!  I feel that we are running two
dependable cars that would take us anywhere despite the fact that they are beginning to have high mileage.  I do want you to know that the first Volvo from Stadel is still with us with over 400,000 miles on it.  It has not seen much time on the highway recently!  Thanks for the Service!
Ken and Carroll K

April 13, 2012

My C70 was not running right. I had been to 2 different dealers and they couldn't figure it out. They had it diagnosed the same day and ordered the part they needed overnight. Car was fixed next day with a 15% discount because my car had over 130,000 miles on it - Great Dealership-a TEN in my Book.


Jan 2012

Good Aftenoon Ken Boak;
I love my new Volvo, having fun showing it off. Can't wait to drive it to my Son's house in Northern New Jersey in a few weeks.  Thanks for the extra time going over all the carn's features with my husbnad. Also wanted to Thank You for making the whole process easy, and uncomplicated.
Shirl R.

I was unable to turn my key in the ignition this past Friday night, & contacted the Volvo Roadside Assistance number. Within the hour my Volvo S60 was towed to Stadel Volvo. Volvo Roadside Assistance is incredible & exceeded only by the Service Department @ Stadel Volvo. I wanted to take the time to thank Niki for her assistance this week. I was given a 2011 S80 to use while my car was being repaired. I've owned a Nisan Maxima & Infiniti I-30 in the past and can honestly say that I have never received such excellent service. This is my first Volvo. The service I've received since my purchase, but particularly in the past week, has been impressive. Volvo is definitely above the competition. I am extremely satisfied & grateful.

Sincerely, G. L. B.

Dec 2011

 I just wanted to take a quick min and let management know what an excellent service dept you have. Debbie was fantastic taking care of my last minute fiasco the other day and once again proved I made the right decision in picking your dealership to buy my Volvo. Thanks again
Steph B.

30 Sept 2011
I just wanted to take a quick moment to Thank you Stadel Volvo for always supplying excellent attention when I needed service to my vehicle. I have purchased my S60 Volvo in 2001 with six original miles and have accrued over 133,000 miles. Thanks to your service team ( Ladies at the front counter and Techs)., you may have a long time customer. 
Stephen W.
26 April 2011
I wanted to thank Mike, Brian, and Stadel Volvo for making the purchase of the S60R such a good experience and especially for Mike's help with repairing the AWD on our XC70.  We have never been treated so well at any other dealership.  Thank You.
Bryan & Kathy N.

January 2011
Melissa says, "Your service department is awesome. I sent a message on your website about my radio code and Rob called me back within a day with the info I needed. I always get friendly service and advice from your company. Thanks for not being Performance!"
Melissa K. (facebook)

5 May 2010
As a very satisfied customer I thought you should know about what I consider to be service above and beyond. Since buying my C70 from you I have had nothing but super service from both your customer service Ladies and service staff and I am not easily impressed having been in the service business for some 40+ years. So as not to bore you I will site but one of several examples: Today I stopped in to see who did your detail work and was told by your customer service staff (do not know her name but she operates the register closest to the service bay door. Both ladies do you equally proud) they did their own. I then explained that I always tried to maintain my own car but due to health problems I was unable to get down low enough to clean off the road tar and grit from around the lower part of the car. She immediately asked if I had a few minutes to have some one from your maintenance staff take a look. To make the story short in less then 15 minutes I was given back my keys and my car was free of tar and soil. When I tried to pay the super gentleman told me their was no charge gave me tips on how to clean the tar in the future. He also told me that I was welcome to return should I need assistance in the future. He also refused to take any money. I don't know ANY PLACE still offering this type service. I love my care and also Love my dealership. Keep up the great work. Please feel free to pass this on to your SUPER STAFF. Rest assured my next car will be from your dealership.Donald M.
6 April 2010
Regarding my 2000 Volvo S70 which has 328,150k miles;  "Don't you think it's time we get a new car?"  is a common question posed by my wife.  I respond; "Why? I get 32 miles per gallon, it's a comfortable ride, I feel safe in a car that I know, it's never broken down or disappointed me, I know quality when I see it and tend to hold onto things that last and keep giving...just like you honey".
My wife also has a '99 S70 with 138,000, obviously, she drives less than I.  Put into perspective, mostly commuting to work in Horsham, I averaged 90 miles a day for the past 10 years, which is approximately 5,475 hours behind the wheel or 228 days I spent sitting in my Volvo.

There are many quality cars available today and it would take much for another car company to convince me they can do better than Volvo.

Thanks Stadel!
Bill H.

5 April 2010
Thank you so much for taking the time to show my husband and me the proper way to install our infant seats (for our twins).  Your knowledge and expertise were needed and appreciated.  When we are in the market for larger vehicles, we will be coming to see you.  Thanks Again
Kristin and Thomas S. Normal 0

Jan 28, 2010
oFor 30 years I have driven Honda's exclusively, until last spring when, needing a station wagon, I purchased a used V70R wagon from your dealership. I was very impressed with the certified Volvo warranty that covered the entire car for 2 years or 39,000 miles from my purchase. But today I am even more impressed with Volvo and your dealership. After owning the car for 9 months and almost 10,000 miles I had it in for an oil change and alignment. I also asked for the service department to look into some suspension "noises" and fan noises that I thought might just be parts needing lubrication. Several hours later I received a call advising that some suspension parts and bushings needed replacement as well as the fan motor, and they had discovered a radiator leak that would also require is replacement. I had visions of "$$$$" as the advisor continued but then she advised everything was covered by my warranty. I wolld only pay for the alignment and oil change. Well I totally agree that the VOLVO certified warranty is the best in the industry, and I was totally impressed with the professionalism of your service team. I had thought the slogan "Volvo for life" referred to the cars safety features, but now I believe it means that once you own a Volvo and deal with Stadel, you become a customer for life!!! Thank you for service that was beyond my expectations.
Wayne S.
December 31, 2009
Our S80 was in for state inspection and an oil change. The service counter recommended that we also have the tires rotated. We were offered a loaner car while the service was being done. Service was done on time and everyone treated us with utmost professionalism. We purchased our used S80 last February, yet we were treated like we owned the top of the line Volvo. The mechanic checked our tires and deemed it unnecessary to rotate them at this time. I appreciate the integrity of this dealership. This is the first Volvo I owned, and so far I am quite satisfied with it's performance and the serviceI receive at Stadel. Please relay my appreciation to all your staff. Happy New Year
William H.

Dec 08, 2009
I had a good experience just getting a "key" last week from your parts department and would like to try your service department for other things.... this issue could be warranty since my car is "Volvo Certified", thanks.
Ron J.

Nov. 2009
I just wanted to take a second and thank you so much for the time you spent with Reagan, Zoe, and I on Tuesday afternoon.  You were very informative and we now feel comfortable in the fact that her (child) seat is in correctly and that Zoe can ride in the car safely.  That is important to us !  Thank you again.
Ann L.
Sept 14, 2009
I purchased a Willow Green Volvo S60 sedan and upon bringing it home, noticed the pitted windshield in the sunlight.  I returned to the showroom and met the used car sales manager and he examined and noticed the same problem.  He had the shop foreman arrange to buff it, as it turned out they had to replace the windshield.  My hats are off to the Stadel Management for standing by their Certified used cars.  Thank you for your care and concern.
Paul B.
Aug. 26, 2009
Just wanted to thank Stadel Volvo for my recent buying experience.  The entire process from the first call with JW to heading back to Maine with my 2006 V70R was nothing but exceptional.  I have bought many cars in my life but this experience was by far the best.  JW was knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and very geniune in all of his conversations with me.  I especially appreciated the fact that he always followed up my questions and never pressured me in any way.  Of course that particular car could have sold itself.  I work for a small company in Maine, that was built on customer service, and I am always quick to compare other companies to ours and I must say my experience with Stadel Volvo was not disspoointing in any way and you should be very proud of your company.  Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
 Bob R.


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